X+Y+Z is furniture series, which is designed especially for Halitaga Street. It is planned to replace old furnitures but it can adapt to new areas with its modularity. Halitaga Street is one of the crowded street in town, but it has not a design language.  There are lots of different furnitures which are disorganized around street.  Furthermore there are lots of different types of benches and other urban elements such as trash bins and signs. With this furnitures series it is intended to create a visual connection between all urban furnitures all over the street.

X+Y+Z, as name, is representing three modules in the series. X module is just for sitting, Y module is both for sitting and leaning, lastly Z module has different functions. This module can be used as sitting module too and moreover it can be used as flower pot or trash bin with small changes. Normally it is proposed to made from steel and wood to create a link with old furnitures. In addition to that it can be different material to special times, such as it can be made from plastic for whole summer.