Typo is a studio for typography artists. Artists work collaboratively in this studio to design new typefaces and make letter sculptures. Artist can use Typo for networking, working alone or with others and as well as for networking.

Project area is inside İMÇ (İstanbul Manifaturacılar Çarşısı). It is located in Unkapanı, İstanbul. It has 6 blocks and lots of stores with different types of goods.

Design approach for Typo is create different spaces for every function and also  use different dimensions to change perception of space.

Meaning of typography

Typography is art of designing printed language’s appearance. Human language’s smallest part are letters. Letters compose words and words compose human language. People interact directly with language and they are affected. Typography designs printed language. Language changes people’s perception. So how would it be a studio that designs this language which changes people’s perception?

Typo design process

Boxes with changing dimensions and different functions are detached from ground floor. Under the boxes, there are remaining spaces for common space and kitchen. It can be worked or spent time with other artists, on the remained spaces. The dividing floor, which splits the place into two levels, is removed to create double height for sculpture space where big letter sculptures are made.

3rd prize in Nurten Aksugür Best Concept Communication (BCC) Student Contest.