Loompa is a candy store that makes candies with traditional recipes. It is in touch with nearby galleries. Loompa is organizing workshops about designing candy packaging and making candies relevant to exhibitions. Also Loompa changes recipes and flavours every season and every special day.

Project area is inside “Fransız Geçidi (La Cité Française)”. It is a historical shopping passageway which is used by French traders in old times. It is located in Karaköy, İstanbul which is a popular district with lots of art galleries, design stores and cafés.

galleries around Loompa

Loompa’s store design is shaping around candy production process and design approach is showing all production phases to its viewers as much as possible. And also all forms in stores are designed by inspiring candy production and candy itself. “Loompa“ as a word, is coming from “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” (workers’ name in chocolate factory is Oompa Loompa).

Candy Production Process

Sugar doughs are coloured with food colourings. Coloured doughs are kneaded to get desired consistency. After that, doughs are placing according to design. Dough is kneaded to be in candy’s thickness. After all long candy pieces are cooling down.

Loompa design process

Design is progressed parallel to candy production process. Colour palette, shapes, forms and their relation are all inspired from candy production and candies.