interior design and branding project in abra design studio with cemal çobanoğlu and başak bakkaloğlu

Bestas is located in Besiktas, one of the popular and crowded towns of Istanbul. Building has 28 square meters of floor area and it consists of two floors, one entresol and one basement floor. This building is protected by strict laws due to its historical monumental situation. Therefore design and construction phases were long and complicated. As food style, it is planned to sell various beers from different countries and choice snacks such as hamburger, hotdog and pizza prepared by experienced chefs. Scandinavian cafés  inspired concept with its cool and bold colours. But also urban style shaped interior design too, steel and perforated metal are used in interior. As a result, steel structure defines different frames on walls. Therefore these walls are imagined as a canvas for local artists’ street art. To sum up, concept is blend of bold colours, minimalism and urban style.

analysis of building


Building is documented as a historical monument therefore it is protected by strict laws. Normally the building was built with masonry techniques, but now it is strengthened  with steel structure due to its age. According to the laws, this new structure cannot be changed in anyway.  Facade, windows, door and the niches on the top floor cannot be changed and must be exactly like the original ones, but they can be painted. Floors must be same material with the original construction, so first floor, entresol and stairs must be terrazzo and second floor must be hardwood floor.

color and material


Bestas is located in a crowded street with lots of old bars and pubs. Therefore, the pub should attract people from its door and facade, but also it shouldn’t be something shiny, it should show its cool ambience from outside. Thus,  Scandinavian cafés inspired concept and burgundy is chosen as main colour, and the starting point to design. Also it was really important to create proper colour density. Therefore neutral colours are also used. Perforated steel is used as main material in interior design. Shelves systems to show beers and all railings are made of perforated steel and steel profiles.