Beat is stage design proposal for Classe Mannequin, a band from Nantes. Design is developed through band’s opinions and feedbacks.

Classe Mannequin defines their music style in their own words:

Influenced by bands like Deerhoof, Honey For Petzi, The Flamings Lips, Polvo or Television, Classe Mannequin serves a hybrid music, between the playful immediacy of pop and the noisy tensions of math-rock and noise.

Their songs can be listened from Bandcamp and there is an official page of band, shows their news.

As we talked with band, we understand their needs and desired style for stage design. Firstly they emphasise about portability, because stage will be transported to various concert areas with a van. After this, we determined their style. 90s style, bright colours and geometric shapes are the most talked ones. With these given data, form is evaluated from triangles to complex shapes:

form evolution
repeated shapes
final design
Model photo

Band identity was designed after finishing stage design to create an identity linked with stage design.