Academy, in full name İzmir Mediterranean Academy, is located in a old flour factory in Halkapınar. It focuses on art culture, design, ecology, history and it is supported by local municipality. It functions as co-working, exhibition and workshop place.

Academy is working with volunteers, designers and artists. They are exhibiting results in the same building. So building is working as production and exhibition zones together.

Design approach is based on “space in space” methodology and sustainability. Space is space means that smaller spaces are working independently, but also they are working together consistently, in need. As sustainability, materials are chosen with natural aspects, but also design concept is sustainable too. All the  spaces and their functions could be adapted to changes from project to project.


Academy compared to others

Academy is an example to non-profit co-working place. Functions and missions are determined by comparing to examples in both Turkey and other countries. As a result, academy is focused on region’s problems in four main subjects.


User types

Users are examined in four main subjects. Staff is responsible for daily jobs and organising everything. Researchers, designers and artist are doing project with the help of academy. Guests are visiting academy and observing projects.


Design Limiters

There are lots of physical limiters due to age of building. Building has masonry walls and these are bore by steel structure. To support heavy walls, they are 3 rows of columns and beam system.  And structure and masonry walls cannot be changed because of its age.


Design Concept

Building is thought without its walls and simplified by dividing into basic prismatic volumes. By using all the limiters, these volumes are divided with a grid system. Basic shapes are made with help of these grids and these shapes are connected.